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Mind Map

Mind map is a waft chart of the defined ideas from the chapter. It acts as a bridge among distinct ideas of the lesson. It enables each school students and instructors to hold the connectivity among diverse thoughts and statistics approximately the concept.

Lesson Plan

Lesson plan is a guiding device for instructors to prepare better for their classes and convey the content more effectively.It gives the instructors enough certainty and makes digital studying more fruitful.

Digi Books

Digi books are an method closer to the richness of visible content material and its effect on learning. It has images, audio, charts, icons, logos, and so forth to understand the lesson in a higher way. It makes the principles simpler and clear.

Animated Videos

Animation films make gaining knowledge of a first-hand enjoy for students. Instead of simply gaining knowledge of the records of the syllabus, they generally tend to research the idea which deepens the roots of information in them. Fun visuals with interactive films can decorate the gaining knowledge of of the students.

Tutorial Videos

Tutorial films are the satisfactory manner to growth the student's engagement in learning. It complements the comprehension of the standards and the films growth students' information retention.

Science Lab

Experiments have created wonders across the globe. So, while students are facilitated with such interesting test sources they obtain the first-hand experience. This allows them to recognize the principles effectively.

NCERT and DSERT Solutions

NCERT and DSERT are countrywide and kingdom councils which designs textbooks for CBSE and kingdom schools respectively. The answers to the questions of those textbooks are given through the Vidhyaan app.

Self Assessment Kit

This evaluation package consists of Worksheets and Practice Tests which can be extra assets for students. It will assist them to test their comprehension of the ideas and enhance knowledge.

Quiz Space

The quiz has questions primarily based totally at the syllabus and different regions which are associated with learning. It additionally gives data on vocabulary, scientists gallery, preferred awareness, poets gallery, facts, sports, achievers in diverse fields, idioms, phrases, riddles, costs of the day, etc.

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